Zion Precious Metals has refined more than one third of the worlds mined gold. Today, Zion Precious Metals has become the refining hub of Africa. Our refinery is located close to OR Tambo airport, in Germiston, South Africa.

Zion Precious Metals laboratories is considered adequate to adjudicate disputes on metal content between RJC members. We have been sourcing gold from other countries since 1998, and our logistics procedures and processes have proven to be effective in ensuring fast and secure transport of material to our refinery and smelter. Responsible sourcing practices are a key part of our corporate culture and we comply with the requirements of RJC responsible gold and silver guidelines.

We have a proud history of sourcing gold from South Africa and other Countries.



Critical to Zion Precious Metals’s smelting and refining activities, is prompt and accurate sampling and analysis of the deposits that the company receives. Our technical service unit is one of the five RJC accredited member. In addition to that, we have a ISO 9001 quality certification. This unit consists of traditional Fire Assay and Wet Chemical sections combined with modern Spectroscopic techniques.

The technical services department is responsible for the analysis of all material that enters and leaves the Smelter and Refinery, as well as process control analysis. Our fire assay process evaluates a deposit on arrival and departure. All deposits are policed at every stage of Zion Precious Metals’s operations. Our staff ensures a same day valuation for depositors. We have an accredited laboratory that can analyse for both gold and silver in accordance to the best standards.  We can produce reference materials that can be used for instrument calibrations etc.  We can also analyse for high grade and low-grade precious bearing material and chemical composition of such materials and we can conduct investigations for precious metals



The Smelter provides a Smelting service to recover Au, Ag, Pt and Pd from mine by-products and Zion Precious Metals’s own sweeps. The smelter sources materials from customers domestically and from international customers in Africa and Middle East.

Equipped with both Pyro and Hydro metallurgical capabilities, the smelting complex is capable of treating the following materials, Borax slags, Flue dusts, PC scrap, Milled concentrates, Carbonaceous materials, Refinery Sweeps, Copper Anode Slimes, etc. The integration of smelter and refinery offers an opportunity of a one stop shop for material processing and precious metal recovery.



The refinery provides a refining service for mine doré deposits, secondary jewellery scrap and alluvial deposits ranging from 10% to 99% gold content.

Zion Precious Metals utilises a Wet Chemical Refining Plant for high purity gold material. The Wet Chemical Refining Plant provides an effective gold electrolyte solution treatment route, producing 99.9% gold precipitate and Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) in concentrate.

The refinery continually investigates refining technology developments that could make its operations more efficient and cost effective with high volume production of +99.995% gold and +99.998% silver granules.



Zion Precious Metals operates a highly secure, and low profile vault with direct access to the vault from venues worldwide. Zion Precious Metals has direct road and air access for the local and international markets in neighbouring countries. This high tech, high security facility is a one stop shop service provider to importers and exporters of precious metals, jewellery and precious stones offering services including:

  • Freight forwarding and customs clearing
  • Armoured vehicle transportation of cargo on the airside and landside
  • 24/7 surveillance and monitoring of cargo
  • Professional and highly trained skilled staff
  • An accredited security service provider to assist in the escorting and monitoring of cargo on the airside.